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Making Torah learning relevant to you.

Join Pittsburgh's fastest-growing Bais Medrash program, catered to all levels. 

In memory of Rabbi Hershel Hakohen Pfeffer.

Pick Your Ultimate Learning Experience

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Kick your day off with knowledge and inspiration. Begins at 6 am until ten minutes before Shachris. 

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Enhance your golden years with an hour of focused Torah study a day, covering Gemorah and Chassidus. 

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Enjoy timely courses available to the community throughout the summer, Yomim Tovim and other opportune moments.

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Boost your Sunday evenings with the sweet words of Torah. Pick your own topic and bring a friend. 

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Women have a strong bond with Torah too! This popular track is available Sunday and Tuesday evenings. Learn in a chavrusa or join an ongoing class. 

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Use your Tuesdays to gain mastery over sections of Shulchan Aruch and earn a Semichas Chover certificate.

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Pass the love of learning onto the next generation. Once a month, fathers and sons spend quality time learning and enjoy refreshments and raffles.

Andrew Neft

"I enjoy the brotherhood of studying. For me it is quite eye opener as I have never known the insights of Chasidus and Kabala that the Rebbe shared in his Mammars. It makes me appreciate and understand the blessings of being born a Jew."

Coming Up 

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Coming Up

Enjoy 120+ Shuirim, At Your Fingertips 

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Rabbi Hershel Tzvi Hakohen Pfeffer OB"M was sent to Pittsburgh by the Frierdiker Rebbe. In his more than 60 years in Pittsburgh, he was a one-man mitzvah campaign.

As the gabbai of Lubavitch Center, he helped members and friends celebrate birthdays, bar mitzvahs, weddings and births with aliyas to the Torah. As a sofer, he wrote, checked and corrected mezuzahs, tefillin and Sifrei Torah for community members and
shuls throughout the region. 
As a shochet, he would rise long before dawn to make sure Jews had kosher meat for Shabbos and Yom Tov.

Perhaps his most beloved activity was blessing congregations, brides and grooms, and ordinary people, with birkat kohanim, the special blessing Hashem commanded Aharon Hakohen and his descendants to give. Rabbi Pfeffer truly exemplified the spirit of Aharon Hakohen with his smile, his compassion and his care for all.

Kollel Eretz Hatzvi, which his family helped establish in his memory, 
is driven by a single goal; to bring Torah learning to every member of the Pittsburgh Jewish Community.


Established by Rabbi Yisroel Rosenfeld of Lubavitch Center and run by Rabbi Chaim Itkin, Bais Medrash provides the perfect place for community members to come, connect and learn Torah on an ongoing basis.

Our Centers

Conveniently located at Lubavitch Center and B'nai Emunah Chabad. 

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