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Where Torah Learning is available for all

Join Pittsburgh's fastest-growing Bais Medrash program, catered to all levels

In memory of Rabbi Hershel Hakohen Pfeffer

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Which one is you?

"I would learn more just..."

The "Schedule-it-in" man

What makes it work >

Wall Clock

For me to learn, it has to be part of my schedule, with a set place and time every day.

AM or PM? Bais Medrash fits your schedule.

The "Convenient" man

What makes it work >


It's got to be the right environment. Y'know, easy access to seforim, constant coffee, the right guys...

Life doesn't get easier than a fully stocked Bois Medrash! 

The "At-my-own-pace" man

What makes it work >

Learn to Read

I want a quite, focuesed place with  leanign atmosphere

I need the right atmosphere to study in; a quiet space, the avir of learning and no-one looking over my shoulder.

Bais Medrash offers an extremely low-pressure, peaceful environment, perfect for focused learning.

The "I-need-a-partner" man

What makes it work >

Image by Sebastian Herrmann

It's much more geshmak with a teacher or a chavrusa. That would keep me motivated.

Find the perfect partner or intriguing topic at Bais Medrash.

The "Too-Busy" man

What makes it work >

Busy Conference

I've got work, kids, a family, my house. There is just no time!

Ki Heim Chayenu… and a dedicated place outside the house helps Torah become priority. 

The "Need- structure" man

What makes it work >

Image by Drew Coffman

Sounds great, but I have a hard time sticking to a commitment. There's just no motivation. 

How does learning + pay sound?  Join the paid track to help you commit to your studies.

Bais Medrash has the solution to get you learning. 

Bais Medrash of Pittsburgh is driven by a single goal; to bring Torah learning to every member of the Pittsburgh Jewish Community. Established by Rabbi Yisroel Rosenfeld of Lubavitch Center and run by Rabbi Chaim Itkin, Bais Medrash provides the perfect place for community members to come, connect and learn Torah on an ongoing basis.


Kick your day off with knowledge and inspiration. Begins at 6 am until ten minutes before Shachris. 


Use your Wednesday evenings to complete quotas of Kitzur Shulchan Aruch as a group.

Coming soon.


Boost your Sunday evenings with the sweet words of Torah. Pick your own topic and bring a friend. 


In addition to the chayus gained by learningcommit to a study schedule and get a monthly stipend


Use your Tuesdays to gain mastery over sections of Shulchan Aruch and earn a Semichas Chover certificate.


Enjoy a hot cup of coffee, fresh refreshments and feel invigorated by the sounds of Torah learning. 


"Every Jew has a duty to study Torah whether he is poor or rich, whether healthy or suffering, whether young or very old and in failing strength, even if he is poor and supported by charity or begs from door to door."

Rambam, Laws of the Study of Torah, Chapter 1:8

How to Join


View classes

A variety of ways to enhance your knowledge and be inspired in your daily life.


Sign up

Commit to a learning schedule to get paid.


Choose your track

How will you add Torah to your life?



During your scheduled times or any time. Get paid for consistant attendance. 

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Breakfast + Learning


How to Join

Grow your knowledge?

Add life to your day?

Recharge your Yiddishkeit?

Are you ready to...

Join Bais Medrash today and make Torah matter. 

"A person should always be like an ox to the yoke and like a donkey to the load … toiling in Torah matters."

Tana Debay Eliyahu Zuta 1


Have a great idea? 

Want to start a class? Teach a group? Let Bais Medrash of Pittsburgh know how we can help you learn.

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